... for sharing this space with me. There is no greater passion for me, than that of encouraging people to love themselves by honoring the stories that make them who they are. It is of great importance to me that people of all ages are empowered in their ability to overcome life's pains, to live with open hearts and heads held high. Though the world is full of division based on our differences, I believe in our ability to come together through our shared experiences. I want us to celebrate the growth in our stories while reaching out to connect with those whom are still living the stories we once were. Though this story is mine, this isn't about me. This is about us.

I write for those of us who:

... feel our stories do not matter.

... believe our emotions are not important.

... have suppressed our feelings.

... have pushed memories away in hopes that they'd disappear.

... have been left behind.

... have been taken from.

... have not been protected. 

... have not been told we deserve better.

... are awaiting apologies we will never receive.

... are battling with extending forgiveness.

... are wanting to tell our truths, but are afraid.

I started writing so I could start healing through the telling of my story. I write for the young girl I once was, seeking a writer somewhere with a life like mine to relate to. I never found that writer, so I became one. If I can exist as a voice for someone else seeking that same solace, my purpose here has been fulfilled. Many of us are products of generations of emotionally-absent individuals - taught to bury, suppress and fill voids by not talking about them. Many of us carry the same traumas and the same silence. We deserve to drop these weights from our shoulders and wipe the dust of wandering emotions from our feet. We deserve to heal the children we once were, as well as the adults we are now.  We deserve to make peace with our pasts. We deserve to find purpose in our pain.

You may have had many things taken from you - innocence, peace, joy... but the one thing that can never be taken from you is the power of your voice. I appreciate you for getting to know mine.

With infinite gratitude,


Photography by Susan K. Meyer

Photography by Susan K. Meyer